Smriti Choudhary is a visual artist and graphic designer who lives and creates in Goa. Having grown up in the lap of lakes and bird sanctuaries in Bharatpur and Udaipur, her earliest understanding of beauty was born out of experiencing and observing the natural world firsthand. It’s this early inspiration that continues to be reflected in her work over the years. She likes to use her art to give back to the nature that inspires her so deeply, and create awareness about issues like endangered wildlife and deforestation.

Post graduating from NID in 2005, she cemented an approach that’s meditative in its dedication to detail. Replete with every addition and erasure, it’s led to the creation of her most recognised style of imaginative black-and-white pen artworks, but she loves to experiment with new mediums and techniques as well, including embroidery, linocuts, murals, ceramics and textiles. In 2011, she founded Airphish to spread her love of nature and to make her personal artworks and handcrafted products more readily available. Her work has been exhibited at exhibitions like "Reading Room", "Design x Design - 35 under 20" at Alliance Française, Delhi and "Tribes" at Vaayu Vision Collective, Goa.

(Photograph by Asya Molochkova)